Wii U: What Will Wii Get?

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Wii U: What Will Wii Get?

May 31, 2012 Blog 0

Ladies and Gentlemen we are a few days away from E3.  There really isn’t going to be much at the show this year since a lot of the big names are not showing new content.  However, we are getting to finally see the Wii U in its final form and some of its actual games that will be playable at launch come this November.  Here’s what I’m predicting from the big N.

The final form of the Wii U console will be shown.


Apparently, since it was last displayed, the system has gone through a few cosmetic changes.  Not sure what to expect with the console here except maybe getting away from the white look and maybe showing it in black.  I expect the Wii U controller will be the big change as images have leaked online showing the controller has actually gotten two real analog sticks now.  At least this is showing that Nintendo has been listening to feedback about what people thought of their original design.  There will NOT be a name change as some rumors are saying.  Nintendo has already invested the money into marketing the Wii U name and they will not take a loss in that department.

The power of the system has been much debated and speculated online in recent months and we will get the actual specs from Nintendo, which should finally show us what the system will be able to do.


This issue of processing power really is the make or break deal for me.  If the console is really unable to run the Unreal 4 engine like some rumors have suggested, then I think this system will have a very short life span.  Once Microsoft and Sony release their new consoles, developers will move to this engine, thus leaving their support for the Wii U behind.  I know many think that graphics don’t make a game- and that’s partly true, but when developers move away from using engines that the Wii U can run, there will be a huge problem for Nintendo getting enough content on their system.  This will of course lead to the problem we currently have with the Wii.  All the consoles have slowed down with releases, but the Wii has been dead for two years now as far as new content is concerned.

The initial launch lineup will be shown.


I expect Nintendo to have Mario ready for launch.  If history has proven anything it is that Nintendo needs Mario on their system to sell.  The 3DS has been saved thanks to the release of Mario on it.  Since that game released, I haven’t heard any talk about how poorly the 3DS did at launch.  I really hope the Mario game isn’t that demo we saw of the Miis playing through New Super Mario Bros, however.  I really enjoyed New Super Mario Bros on the Wii, but after one playthrough I was done with it.  They really need to show us the next Mario 64/Super Mario Galaxy game.

Another game I expect to see is a Metroid Prime title.  This hasn’t been talked about too much and I’m really just going with my gut on this one.  This will not be a launch game, but I expect it to be announced.


Rayman will definitely be a launch title on this system as we have already seen it up and running on the Wii U controller.  This game actually looks like a lot of fun.  I really want to see what some polishing and some real screen shots show us.


I expect Pikmin to be a launch window game.  For some reason, I get this feeling that this will be a delayed title and not make it day one, but that it will still make that launch window.  This game isn’t a system seller for me, but it is a sway point in making my decision on whether to get the system.  The Pikmin games have been great, and I can’t wait to see what they will do with this new controller.

Other launch game predictions from me are going to be Ghost Recon, Ninja Gaiden 3, Assassin’s Creed, Batman Akrham City, and Just Dance 4.  There will of course be other games for the launch window, but from what I’ve read and seen I expect these games specifically to be available day one with the system.  How the Wii will sell is all about how well the developers use this new controller.  If they are innovative with it, and not just using it as a gimmick, I think these game will sell well and improve third party support for Nintendo.  If they flop, however, Nintendo will have a hard time getting same-day launches of 3rd party games in the future. Without that, I get the Xbox version of the game and have no need for the Wii U.  There have been other rumors of GTA getting announced for the Wii U.  Since Rockstar won’t even be at E3 that possibility is already out the window.

Of course this is all speculation on my part and we may get something entirely different from the big N.  Nintendo’s presentation begins Tuesday June 5th at 9am PDT.  You can access it from Nintendo’s own site.