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PS5 Reveal Event – AYCG Gamecast #501

We’re back to our regular news schedule as well as what we’ve been up to! PAX West becomes a digital only event, while EA reveals Star Wars Squadrons, and a video game gets released specifically for kids with ADHD. Our big topic of the week is Sony’s Playstation 5 event! #pax #ea #starwars #ps5 #videogames…
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June 17, 2020 0

GO SEGA – AYCG Gamecast #499

Happy birthday, SEGA! This week it’s all about the company that gave us classics like Sonic and Streets of Rage to modern hits Yakuza and Total War. We take a look at their legacy, their current status, and what we’d like to see of their future! Plus, we had a breaking Sega announcement during the…
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June 3, 2020 0

Halo’s Destiny – AYCG Gamecast #498

Take-Two drops a hint at when we may see Grand Theft Auto 6 due to their projected marketing spending in a certain year while Blizzard cancels Blizzcon this year. Hopes for a new Silent Hill game light up as there’s a collaboration for the series in Dead by Deadlight. Our topic for this week is…
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May 27, 2020 0

Cowabunga – AYCG Gamecast #497

It’s Pizza Time! This week we do a Deep Dive on the history of video games for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles over the years! From NES and the arcade to the Xbox 360, we look fondly (and some not-so-fondly) at their catalog. In the news Halo Infinite will be unveiled in July and Sony…
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May 20, 2020 0

A Not So Smart Delivery From Xbox – AYCG Gamecast #496

Ubisoft announces their summer digital showcase, while Tony Hawk texts people that Pro Skater 1&2 are being remastered later this year. Sony rips off Marvel and Nintendo earnings are surging. The bulk of our podcast talks about the Inside Xbox presentation from last week and whether or not it was an effective first reveal of…
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May 13, 2020 0

Live In Your World, Play In Ours – AYCG Gamecast #495

Summer is starting to look sizzling for gamers as Geoff Keighley announces Summer Game Fest to replace E3 and Microsoft announces monthly Xbox digital events for the Xbox Series X. We get more information on the Last of Us Part II leaks while Nintendo’s Wii and DS confidential information leaks online. For our topic, we…
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May 6, 2020 0

Sega Dreamcast vs The Arcade – AYCG Gamecast #494

The breaking news this week is that Last of Us Part II finally gets a new release date due to a disgruntled Naughty Dog employee leaking key cutscenes online. Nintendo accounts get hacked and Stadia has a Direct conference of their own, and WWE gets another bad video game. For our topic we go over…
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April 29, 2020 0

Sony Playstation vs Sega Saturn – AYCG Moviecast #493

This week we talk about the NPD results for March and gaming has a big boon thanks to COVID-19 causing people to stay inside, with Switch and Animal Crossing New Horizons breaking records. More rumors of PS5 point to a high price point and less consoles shipped than PS4 in the same time frame. Our…
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April 22, 2020 0

The Greatest N64 Games of All Time – AYCG Gamecast #492

On this podcast we’re taking a blast to the past by revisiting the N64 and going over the greatest games on the system! Find out which ones made the cut and which ones didn’t. In the news, a new X-Com game was announced today, for release in just a little over a week, while Sony…
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April 15, 2020 0

DualSense a Delay – AYCG Gamecast #491

The two biggest news items of the week are the new PlayStation 5 controller, called the DualSense, and that Sony delays The Last of Us 2 indefinitely. Meanwhile Microsoft announces all live events will be done digital until the summer of 2021, and some mild controversies and concerns for FF7Remake. Lastly, E3 2020 has been…
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April 8, 2020 0