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AYCG Podcast Episode #170: How to Say Smaug

This week the podcast goes over the Terminator reboot casting, where Fast and Furious 7 goes from here, and a Sonic the Hedgehog movie rumor. In gaming Capcom loses the license to Marvel, Cliffy B wants to make another game, and next gen NPD sales numbers for November. Plus we get controversial regarding the The…
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December 18, 2013 0

The Generation Awards: The Most Overrated Games/Franchises of This Generation

It’s finally ending. The eight year console generation that brought us the Wii, The Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3, will officially be “last-gen” this November when the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 are released to accompany the Wii U. Before we get to the good, we have to take care of the bad.…
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September 20, 2013 5