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500! – AYCG Podcast #500

It’s episode 500! In this episode, we discuss all of our past podcast experiences and memories. What was our favorite episode titles and our favorite topics!?! Listen or watch to find out. Also, a thank you to all the listeners and viewers now who have watched us for this long. We appreciate you all and…
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June 10, 2020 0

Stranger Things S3 Spoilercast – AYCG Bonus Round #50

Season 3 of Stranger Things is now in the books. We discuss what we loved and hated with this season and it’s characters. As usual our spoilercasts contains lots of spoilers for this topic so please listen when you are ready for them. #podcast #strangerthings #netflix #eleven #mindflayer #strangerthingsseason3

July 31, 2019 0

HBO to the Max – AYCG Moviecast #454

It’s an amazing Moviecast this week. Spider-Man: Far From Home headlines the news with a strong opening week both financially and critically. We also touch on news from Netlfix, HBO Max, The Little Mermaid, and Todd Phillips’ Joker. We then talk about what we’ve been watching, including Stranger Things 3. #spiderman #spidermanfarfromhome #strangerthings #strangerthings3 #joker…
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July 10, 2019 0

Stranger Danger – AYCG Moviecast #452

We touch on a lot on this week’s Moviecast. Toy Story 4 has a simulataneously big but small box office debut, but what did we think of it? We also take a look at news on Fast and Furious 9, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Keanu Reeves. We then get into our topic: Stranger Things…
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June 26, 2019 0

Ready Player Cyclops – AYCG Moviecast #391

There’s a lot going on in this week’s Moviecast. In TV news, Stranger Things tries to cast more 80s icons for its next season, while Comcast plans to start selling Netlfix with their cable packages. On the big screen, Agents of SHIELD’s Ghostrider gets cast as the next terminator, and Infinity War’s directors talk about…
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April 19, 2018 0

Netflix Looking Brightside – AYCG Moviecast #379

Netflix dominates the news on this week’s Moviecast. Bright is declared a hit by Netflix despite its critical reception. Meanwhile, Netflix also announced that Castlevania season 2 will premiere this summer, but with a little something more for its fans. Stranger Things season 3 may not be coming out soon, but a producer did have…
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January 24, 2018 0

Disneyopoly – AYCG Moviecast #369

We ask and attempt to answer the important questions on this week’s Moviecast. Is Kevin Spacey’s career over? How did Thor Ragnarok fare in the box office? Does Justice League have a post-credit scene? Will Disney buy Fox and if they do, is it good for the industry? Did Disney cross a line in its…
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November 8, 2017 0

It Returns – AYCG Moviecast #364

It becomes the top grossing horror movie of all time as we move into October on this week’s Moviecast. Things continue to get scary in the news as we consider the possible future seasons of Stranger Things and dread the arrival of a live-action Sonic movie. Things are also still mysterious in the Justice League…
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October 4, 2017 0

SDCC 2017 – AYCG Moviecast #345

San Diego Comic Con dominates this week’s jam-packed Moviecast. We examine trailers for Defenders, Stranger Things Season 2, Thor Ragnarok, Justice League, Ready Player One, and even a leak for Infinity War. We also get announcements about a Flashpoint movie, a new Bond movie coming in 2019, and Skrulls coming to Captain Marvel. Also, Iron…
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July 26, 2017 0