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Kill it if You Have to – AYCG Moviecast #375

It’s the last Moviecast of 2017! We start by taking a look at The Last Jedi’s second week drop-off and discuss what it means for the future of Star Wars. We also look back at the totals for Justice league, and look ahead to 2018 to predict how Black Panther will do. Finally, we wonder…
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December 27, 2017 0

Learn From Your Failures – AYCG Moviecast #374

It’s Star Wars time on this week’s Moviecast! We discuss our spoiler-free impressions of the Last Jedi while looking at its huge box office opening. We also discuss its chances for continued success considering the holidays and its controversial reception. Also, we talk about what to expect from the Disney/Fox deal. Finally, we talk about…
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December 20, 2017 0

The Fox and the Mouse – AYCG Moviecast #373

The future is fluid on this week’s Moviecast. Justice League limps to the $600 million mark, but what does this mean for Flashpoint? Disney is getting very close to officially owning most of Fox, but is there a technicality keeping them from getting the rights to the Fantastic Four? Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman walks back his…
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December 13, 2017 0

Attack of the Loot Crates – AYCG Gamecast #371

We hope you enjoyed your holiday break but it’s back to the grind with some hot news! Sega announceds Valkyria Chronicles 4 releasing worldwide in 2018, on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch! Nintendo releases a new Splatoon 2 update that finally lets players change their loadout between matches without exiting the lobby. Bungie gets…
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November 29, 2017 0

Justice League Limited – AYCG Moviecast #371

Universes are in jeopardy on this week’s Moviecast. First, we discuss Justice League’s box office performance and what it may mean for the future of the DCEU. Meanwhile, what does it mean that Infinity War will be considered a finale for the MCU? Who do we think will be done in the MCU after these…
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November 29, 2017 0

Justice Unknown – AYCG Moviecast #370

There’s a lot of things up in the air on this week’s Moviecast. Rotten Tomatoes is delaying releasing its score of Justice League, but why? Meanwhile, Ben Affleck’s quotes cast more doubt on if and when he’ll don the cowl in the future. We also are getting a new Star Wars trilogy helmed by Rian…
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November 15, 2017 0

Dead Show Walking – AYCG Moviecast #367

The fall movie season is on our minds on this week’s Moviecast. We look at box office projections for Thor and The Last Jedi. We also muse on the importance of Justice League’s recently announced runtime. On the TV side, The Walking Dead premiers with its 100th episode, but is the series on its last…
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October 25, 2017 0

A Visceral Ending – AYCG Gamecast #366

The scariest thing on the Gamecast this week is the reality that EA announced it was closing down Visceral and butchering the single player, narrative-driven Star Wars game they had been working on for years. We talk about this, if EA is justified, what this means for AAA single player games in the future, and…
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October 18, 2017 0

NYCC 2017 Part 1 – AYCG Moviecast #365

It’s all about NYCC on this week’s Moviecast. Star Wars The Last Jedi gets a new trailer, but does it spoil too much? Also, Batman: The Animated Series is finally getting a Blu Ray release. We also discuss who we met, who appeared, what we did, and what was tough at this year’s record-breaking New…
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October 11, 2017 0

IT IS IN! – AYCG Moviecast #361

It’s a two-man show on this week’s episode of All You Can Geek as Corey and Mike are missing in action! Jim and Tony discuss the surprise box-office-smash IT and how it’s breaking multiple records and had a gigantic opening after the whimper of the summer movie season. Stan Lee gave a new interview where…
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September 14, 2017 0