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MILF Guardians – AYCG Gamecast #515

Level-5 ends its North American operations, Fall Guys gets a Sonic crossover skin, and we talk a bit about some Sony PS5 news from Ghost of Tsushima performance to the official teardown, we’re still wondering what the system seller is going to be for us individually. #level5 #fallguys #sonic #ps5 #xbox #videogames #podcast #aycg #allyoucangeek

October 14, 2020 0

GO SEGA – AYCG Gamecast #499

Happy birthday, SEGA! This week it’s all about the company that gave us classics like Sonic and Streets of Rage to modern hits Yakuza and Total War. We take a look at their legacy, their current status, and what we’d like to see of their future! Plus, we had a breaking Sega announcement during the…
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June 3, 2020 0

Spring into Hype!!!!!! – AYCG Moviecast #484

We gotta go fast on this week’s Moviecast. Sonic is a surprise hit at the box office and has the best opening for a video game movie. In other news, Birds of Prey continues to falter and we get our first look at Battinson’s suit. Then we get into our topic: our hype rankings for…
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February 19, 2020 0

Disney+ Impressions – AYCG Moviecast #472

It’s Disney Plus day on this week’s Moviecast. We dive into Disney Plus’s debut and give our impressions on its library, interface, and launch troubles. Meanwhile in the news, Dr. Sleep flops, Showtime’s Halo starts production, and Sonic shows off his new movie face. #sonicthehedgehog #sonic #disney #disneyplus #halo #movies #disney+ #aycg #allyoucangeek #marvel #mandalorian…
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November 13, 2019 0

Black Panther Reigns – AYCG Moviecast #383

In episode 383 of the Moviecast we discuss the box office beast that is Black Panther. Spoiler free impressions of Marvel’s newest film are talked about as well. We also discuss that the standalone Joker movie is going to start filming very soon and Transformers is getting a reboot. #blackpanther #marvel #podcast #sonic #transformers #jurassicworld

February 22, 2018 0

It Returns – AYCG Moviecast #364

It becomes the top grossing horror movie of all time as we move into October on this week’s Moviecast. Things continue to get scary in the news as we consider the possible future seasons of Stranger Things and dread the arrival of a live-action Sonic movie. Things are also still mysterious in the Justice League…
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October 4, 2017 0

Sprite Mania – AYCG Gamecast #357

There’s a leak on the ship known as the NPD! We get some early hardware and software numbers for the month of July. Which system and game came out on top? Listen to find out! Gamescom is looming on the horizon and Microsoft outlines their lineup. Meanwhile, Blizzard is releasing a deathmatch mode in Overwatch…
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August 22, 2017 0

Ahead of Its Time – AYCG Gamecast #344

A week without Jim continues into the Gamecast! We kick it off with a discussion of 343 teasing something Halo related at e3, and Microsoft tries to earn some goodwill with gamers by giving away Phantom Dust Remastered for free! LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 gets announced for a holiday 2017 release and Corey tries…
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May 17, 2017 0

AYCG Gamescast Episode 304: The Summer Games

This time on the AYCG Gamescast we talk about Overwatch’s first limited time event celebrating the Summer games, different video modes for the NES Classic mini, the fan Metroid II remake, and Yuji Naka still wanting to do a proper Mario x Sonic crossover game! Plus we discuss a hot new rumor that the PS4…
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August 9, 2016 0

Top Five Over-Hated Video Games

Hating is fun. We’re all guilty of it. If something is disappointing to us in any way and others seem to agree, it’s all aboard the hate-train. But sometimes we go too far in our hate. Sometimes the trendy punching bag might be better than you considered if you ever gave it a chance.

February 17, 2016 0