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E3 Predictions 2019 – AYCG Gamecast #449

It’s leak week for the upcoming E3 2019 show! A new Watchdog game was announced by Ubisoft, while some other rumors are rumbling for Microsoft and their new console. We talk about the Genesis mini and Shenmue 3 getting delayed, but the meat and potatoes this week are our predictions for E3 announcements! Tune in…
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June 5, 2019 0

400 – AYCG Podcast Episode #400

It’s episode 400! We chat about our favorite most memorable gaming experiences from our past. What go us into gaming? Listen or watch to find out! #podcast #gaming #movies #nintendo #nes #sega #genesis #ff7

June 24, 2018 0

Pokemon Battle Royale – AYCG Gamecast #391

You get a Battle Royale mode, they get a Battle Royale Mode, EVERYBODY GETS A BATTLE ROYALE MODE! That’s the topic of this week’s Gamecast as we go over new rumors surfacing around this year’s Call of Duty and Battlefield getting Battle Royale modes. In other news, we talk about Bethesda’s new space RPG Starfield…
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April 19, 2018 0

Attack of the Loot Crates – AYCG Gamecast #371

We hope you enjoyed your holiday break but it’s back to the grind with some hot news! Sega announceds Valkyria Chronicles 4 releasing worldwide in 2018, on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch! Nintendo releases a new Splatoon 2 update that finally lets players change their loadout between matches without exiting the lobby. Bungie gets…
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November 29, 2017 0

Sprite Mania – AYCG Gamecast #357

There’s a leak on the ship known as the NPD! We get some early hardware and software numbers for the month of July. Which system and game came out on top? Listen to find out! Gamescom is looming on the horizon and Microsoft outlines their lineup. Meanwhile, Blizzard is releasing a deathmatch mode in Overwatch…
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August 22, 2017 0

Dreamcast – AYCG Gamecast #338

Spider-Man is allegedly swinging into PS4s later this year according to a new rumor, could it possibly rival the Batman Arkham series for video game adaptations? Plus, a new Overwatch patch is being teased for next week. Is it a new character, new map, or new game mode? Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild…
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April 4, 2017 0

Bioware’s Destiny – AYCG Gamecast #337

It’s the best news all week for Corey — Destiny 2 was finally revealed! We talk about the trailer that Bungie released and what that means for us later in the year. Mike and Jim give us impressions on Mass Effect Andromeda and whether or not it’s a legitimate successor for the franchise, and lastly,…
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March 31, 2017 0

Black Friday Deals and Where to Find Them – AYCG Gamescast 319

Sega starts us off with their Japanese poll on old franchises and Uncharted 4 gets a horde mode plus a standalone DLC starring Sam! A Zelda Escape the Room is coming to the real world next year plus we have tons of Switch rumors, including Pokemon Stars coming exclusively to it next year! Lastly we…
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November 22, 2016 0

AYCG Gamescast Episode 310: Sean Murray is a Liar

Another week means another game gets delayed so of course we have to talk about South Park being delayed. Also, Sega admits they haven’t been making good games for the past few years. We also talk about Kojima not having involvement in Metal Gear Survive, the new Street Fighter 5 character, and ask ourselves: Is…
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September 20, 2016 0

Mike’s Likes: Days of X-Men’s Past: One Hard X-Men Game

It’s time to get back into X-Men. X-Men: Days of Future Past is upon us and hopefully reconciles the continuity issues between X-Men: First Class and the regular X-Men movie series. As a pretty big X-Fan, I’m hoping it succeeds in bringing the franchise back to life. Most people my age are fans of the…
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May 20, 2014 0