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Off the Hook – AYCG Gamecast #462

It’s 2019 and putting points into Improved Blizzard still does nothing, as World of Warcraft Classic is being plagued by extremely long login queues. Meanwhile Former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime will be teaching at Cornell University. Telltale Games gets a new lease on life as LCG Entertainment has acquired the rights to the…
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September 4, 2019 0

Reviews are a Joke – ACYG Moviecast #462

In episode 462 we discuss reviews for movies and how relevant they still are to us. Find out what we each think about this topic. Also, in the news, The Joker movie is getting extremely good reviews, New Mutants is reportedly getting cuts to drop all references to it’s old X-Men universe and so much…
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September 4, 2019 0

Reviewing the Reviews – AYCG Gamecast #423

It’s post Black Friday and Cyber Monday so we talk about our deals and pick ups over the holiday weekend! It’s a light news week in light of that, so we go over what we’ve been up briefly and then jump into our topic! This week, we ask the question, how much do reviews matter…
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November 28, 2018 0

Reviewing the Reviews – AYCG Moviecast #423

It’s time to review the reviews on this week’s Moviecast. Our topic of the week is the importance and role of movie reviews in today’s climate. What is the rise of aggregate sites like Rotten Tomatoes doing to the role of movie reviews? How do some movies buck the stigma of bad reviews? Do reviews…
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November 28, 2018 0

Super Unicorn Classic – AYCG Gamecast #350

Happy Anniversary, listeners and viewers! It’s episode 350 of the Gamecast! Time flies when you’re having fun, right? In this special anniversary episode we talk about Nintendo’s new unicorn, the SNES Classic! 21 Super Nintendo games in one pretty little package, including the never-released game Star Fox 2! Other news this week includes the Xbox…
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June 28, 2017 0

Batman Arkham Knight Review

Batman Arkham Knight was released a couple weeks ago and you’ve undoubtedly seen a few reviews already. The addition of the Batmobile, the story, and a few specific details all have been quite controversial. What does Mike, AYCG’s resident Bat-fan think of the game after fully finishing it? Read this spoiler-free review to find out.

July 11, 2015 0

AllYouCanGeek Review: Child of Light

Child of Light was a surprising announcement from Ubisoft at GDC Europe 2013 a new intellectual property that was not related to Assassin’s Creed, Farcry or Rayman.  Instead, it was a Japanese RPG inspired by the likes of Studio Ghibli and others for its art style and classic games like Final Fantasy felt like it…
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July 2, 2014 0

Batman: Arkham Origins: Review

Batman is back and it’s Christmas for Halloween in Arkham Origins. Controversially, WB Montreal takes the mantle of the Bat from Rocksteady in this prequel. Did WB deliver a worthy continuation to one of the best franchises of this generation, or did the new developer break the Bat?

October 31, 2013 0

TMNT Out of the Shadows Review

Let’s be honest, the only game that anybody cared about from XBox Live’s “Summer of Arcade” was the game they saved for last, TMNT: Out of the Shadows. Everyone loves the Turtles, especially the 80s and 90s kids who make up a huge portion of the gaming community. These fans haven’t had a good Turtles…
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September 1, 2013 1

AYCG Podcast Bonus Round #3: Pacific Rim Spoilercast

The title says it all! We discuss the highs and lows of Guillermo del Toro’s homage to classic Japanese monster movies and sci-fi anime styling, Pacific Rim. SPOILERS will be present. iTunes Link Your browser does not support the audio element.

July 17, 2013 0