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AYCG Podcast Episode #127: Not to be a Dick…

Another week, another episode of the AYCG podcast you all know and love. This week Han Solo himself Harrison Ford returns, Peter Dinklage cast as X-Men villain, and Kevin Smith is calling it quits right after making one more Clerks movie. In gaming, Aliens makes the news again for exactly the reason you think, Wii…
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February 19, 2013 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #125: No Good News is… Bad News


Hey Everyone!  Corey usually writes up these little intro’s but he had his birthday on our recording day so you get Jim!  This week we go off our normal rhythm and start with some comic talk. Lots of Disney news gets mixed in and you get to hear what we think about the inevitable PS4 announcement, as well as a prediction about when the next gen Xbox will be announced! Enjoy!


February 7, 2013 0

Rumor: PS4 in 2012 Built-in Motion Control


Internet rumors are swirling today about the possibility of a PS4 next year.  A Taiwanese manufacturer has claimed that the Playstation 4 is on schedule to be released in 2012.

July 5, 2011 0