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Born to Play – AYCG Gamecast #516

This week we dive into the NPD results for September in the US and then get right to our topic: The Top 5 GameCube games of all time! From Mario to Zelda to Metroid and some notable third party games, we have a good variety. Tune in and tell us if you agree or disagree…
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October 21, 2020 0

Co-op Ghosts of Tsushima – AYCG Gamecast #508

This week we go over July NPD numbers, Rocksteady is accused of inaction over female staff being harassed, Ghost of Tsushima gets free DLC in the form of co-op, and Epic starts a legal war with Apple over its walled garden philosophy. #npd #rocksteady #got #epic #apple #podcast #videogames #ghostoftsushima

August 19, 2020 0

Sony Playstation vs Sega Saturn – AYCG Moviecast #493

This week we talk about the NPD results for March and gaming has a big boon thanks to COVID-19 causing people to stay inside, with Switch and Animal Crossing New Horizons breaking records. More rumors of PS5 point to a high price point and less consoles shipped than PS4 in the same time frame. Our…
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April 22, 2020 0

Spring into Hype!!!!!! – AYCG Gamecast #484

The retail market for games is down YoY for January as we go over the NPD results for January, while Witcher 3 on Switch gets cross-progression saves and graphic enhancements. Then we go over the games coming out in the Spring season and rank them on our personal hype meters of what we’re looking forward…
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February 19, 2020 0

Death Stranding NOT GOTY – AYCG Gamecast #473

The Playstation 5 controller patent is revealed and we talk about what that means for the PS5, while Valve teases Half-Life still has some life left – with a VR game. NPD results means Jim loses his bet about Red Dead Redemption 2 to Tony, and Google Stadia is launched to a collective shrug from…
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November 20, 2019 0

Top 5 Horror Game Villains – AYCG Gamecast#469

Our topic this week is the TOP FIVE horror characters in video games. In the news, Analogue’s Pocket system that plays all Game Boy games ever made, while Nintendo of America confirms the Switch has sold 15 million units in North America. Microsoft confirms Xbox controllers will work on the next system, NPD results, and…
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October 23, 2019 0

Ultimate Button Masher – AYCG Gamecast #456

It’s all Marvel this week for movies and games. Spider-Man is the best selling superhero game of all time and we discuss Ultimate Alliance 3. We also discuss the best selling games for June with the NPD. #npd #spiderman #marvel #ultimatealliance3 #videogames #podcast #stadia

July 24, 2019 0

You’re Breathtaking – AYCG Gamecast #451

This week we find out more about Cyberpunk 2077 as the demo will be going public at PAX West 2019 and it will have multiple endings. We also speculate about the prices of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. Will either of them be able to go above 399 USD? NPD results for May 2019…
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June 19, 2019 0

Cloud with a Chance of Friendship – AYCG Gamecast #447

Jim’s out this week and it’s Tony’s time to shine as host of the Gamecast! This week we talk about Sony’s position for next-gen, while Epic pulls Borderlands 3 from their Game Store due to sales. The big news of the week is Sony and Microsoft are entering a bold new gaming partnership! #sony #borderlands3…
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May 22, 2019 0

Mortal Kontroversy – AYCG Gamecast #443

NetherRealm Studios is unleashing the newest Mortal Kombat game this week, which has Mike pumped! But the biggest enemy you face may be the waste of time due to the imbalanced grinding and poor loot. The Game Boy turns 30 and motion capture for Last of Us 2 is finally done. Bloomberg states that the…
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April 24, 2019 0