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Cyberpunk You’re Game-Breaking! – AYCG Gamecast #523

It’s release week for Cyberpunk 2077 and there’s already some controversy from the amount of game-breaking bugs and that the game has imagery that can cause seizures. Sony spent more than twice the amount of marketing money than Microsoft did in the month of November, while Halo Infinite gets pushed out to Fall 2021. Lastly,…
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December 9, 2020 0

Halo Infinitely Delayed – AYCG Gamecast #507

We’re back in action after a tropical storm took out our power last week, but we’re not the only ones that were delayed, as 343 Industries announced today that Halo Infinite is delayed from holiday 2020 to 2021. In other news, Marvel’s Avengers launched its beta alongside announcing that Spider-Man is a PS4 exclusive character.…
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August 12, 2020 0

Xbox Games Showcase – AYCG Gamecast #506

The big topic and point of contention for fans was the Xbox Series X Game Showcase, which showed off the first Halo Infinite gameplay footage to mixed reactions, and a bunch of CGI trailers for games far off in the future. New comics may be hinting at Injustice 3 in the not far off future…
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July 29, 2020 0

Halo’s Destiny – AYCG Gamecast #498

Take-Two drops a hint at when we may see Grand Theft Auto 6 due to their projected marketing spending in a certain year while Blizzard cancels Blizzcon this year. Hopes for a new Silent Hill game light up as there’s a collaboration for the series in Dead by Deadlight. Our topic for this week is…
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May 27, 2020 0

Cowabunga – AYCG Gamecast #497

It’s Pizza Time! This week we do a Deep Dive on the history of video games for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles over the years! From NES and the arcade to the Xbox 360, we look fondly (and some not-so-fondly) at their catalog. In the news Halo Infinite will be unveiled in July and Sony…
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May 20, 2020 0

Disney+ Impressions – AYCG Moviecast #472

It’s Disney Plus day on this week’s Moviecast. We dive into Disney Plus’s debut and give our impressions on its library, interface, and launch troubles. Meanwhile in the news, Dr. Sleep flops, Showtime’s Halo starts production, and Sonic shows off his new movie face. #sonicthehedgehog #sonic #disney #disneyplus #halo #movies #disney+ #aycg #allyoucangeek #marvel #mandalorian…
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November 13, 2019 0

Border Lands in Boston – AYCG Gamecast #437

It’s a light news week as the industry prepares for GDC and PAX East, but we still have juicy stories for you, starting with Microsoft announcing the Halo Masterchief Collection coming to PC as well as Steam! Nintendo tosses their hat into the ring with Labo VR, the next Labo kit in their lineup! Tune…
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March 13, 2019 0

Top 5 FPS Games – AYCG Gamecast #435

Anthem is in trouble already, releasing to poor reviews and sales, while NOA President Reggie Fils-Aime announces his retirement, yielding the company to Bowser himself! Our topic of the night is the top 5 FPS games EVER. Tune in to find out what they are! #anthem #nintendo #pokemon #videogames #podcast #halo #borderlands2 #goldeneye

February 27, 2019 0

Bond vs Bourne – AYCG Moviecast #407

We’ve got a lot to talk about on this week’s Moviecast. We start on the small screen with Spielberg’s Halo series being a new story with an old character. Meanwhile, Jon Favreau’s Star Wars series will be expensive. The CW has found its woman for Batwoman. The biggest TV news though, is that Captain Picard…
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August 8, 2018 0

Top 5 Most Patriotic Movies – AYCG Moviecast #402

It’s a 4th of July Moviecast! Check out our definitive compiled list of the top 5 patriotic movies! In the news, we continue to monitor the box office and consider Ant Man and Wasp’s chances for a big weekend. We also take a look at DC’s new steaming service, Halo’s new TV series, and Jim…
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July 4, 2018 0