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500! – AYCG Podcast #500

It’s episode 500! In this episode, we discuss all of our past podcast experiences and memories. What was our favorite episode titles and our favorite topics!?! Listen or watch to find out. Also, a thank you to all the listeners and viewers now who have watched us for this long. We appreciate you all and…
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June 10, 2020 0

400 – AYCG Podcast Episode #400

It’s episode 400! We chat about our favorite most memorable gaming experiences from our past. What go us into gaming? Listen or watch to find out! #podcast #gaming #movies #nintendo #nes #sega #genesis #ff7

June 24, 2018 0


Recently, there have been enough information “leaks” about Sony’s new PS4k or 4.5 to point to the PS4 getting a midlife upgrade. This will be different from previous generations of console gaming in that the system will undergo a more drastic transformation inside the box rather than the typical “slim model” releases, which were mostly…
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April 25, 2016 0

Review: Razer Naga


Most people who know me, know that I play a little game called World of Warcraft.  Perhaps you’ve heard of this small time game?  Well after my return to raiding in it, I really wanted to get something for my computer to help me keep my eyes on the screen and not the keyboard for pressing my number keys.  Enter the Naga…

April 13, 2011 0