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The Future is Streaming – AYCG Moviecast #489

The future remains murky on this week’s Moviecast. The box office doesn’t exist. Wonder Woman 1984 gets delayed until August. Disney Plus gets many new subscibers. The Olympics get delayed until 2021. Will any of this have long-lasting impacts on the movie or TV industries? We discuss all that and more. #wonderwoman #wonderwoman1984 #mandalorian #disney…
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March 25, 2020 0

Bold Predictions for 2020 – AYCG Moviecast #481

It’s time to get bold on this week’s Moviecast. We lay out some bold predictions for 2020’s box office, so listen to find out how off base we are. Meanwhile in the news: The Batman gets started, The Falcon and Winter Soldier gets pushed up, the Uncharted movie gets delayed, and Obi-Wan is in flux.…
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January 29, 2020 0

Hero for Hire – AYCG Moviecast #417

In a lighter news week, we discuss the cost of movie prices in theaters and at home, should they be going up? Also in the news, Venom is doing surprisingly well at the box office and Iron Fist gets cancelled by Netflix. #movies #podcast #venom #prices #boxoffice #netflix #ironfist

October 17, 2018 0

Female Leads – AYCG Moviecast #399

We keep it quick on this week’s Moviecast. In the soap opera that is DC’s movie division, Geoff Johns steps down as the Chief Creative Officer, with a somehwat suprising replacement. For Marvel, Lea Thomson is pitching her ideas for a Harold the Duck movie, but is she the only one interested? We also talk…
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June 13, 2018 0

What Can’t Beat Justice League – AYCG Moviecast #389

It’s Part 1 of our summer movie preview on this week’s Moviecast! Before we make our predictions, (and a few quick hitting bets) we look at this week’s box office and discuss what kind of success Ready Player One has had in its first week. We also talk a bit about Rosanne’s return and the…
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April 4, 2018 0

Slow Burn – AYCG Moviecast #387

Marvel goes big on this week’s Moviecast. Black Panther continues to break box office records even in its 5th week. Meanwhile, Infinity War’s ticket presales are blowing everyone away. In other news, Do we want a Matrix revival, even if it’s written by Zack Penn? Finally we talk about what we’ve been watching including Jessica…
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March 21, 2018 0

Black Panther Reigns – AYCG Moviecast #383

In episode 383 of the Moviecast we discuss the box office beast that is Black Panther. Spoiler free impressions of Marvel’s newest film are talked about as well. We also discuss that the standalone Joker movie is going to start filming very soon and Transformers is getting a reboot. #blackpanther #marvel #podcast #sonic #transformers #jurassicworld

February 22, 2018 0

Trainfire – AYCG Moviecast #362

It dominates a resurgent box office this week, as we look ahead to news from DC and Marvel. Marvel’s girl power is in full force as Jessica Jones wraps filming and Brie Larson is spotted on set for Avengers 4. Meanwhile, DC’s mixed messages continue as they promise to embrace the trend of post-credit scenes…
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September 20, 2017 0

IT IS IN! – AYCG Moviecast #361

It’s a two-man show on this week’s episode of All You Can Geek as Corey and Mike are missing in action! Jim and Tony discuss the surprise box-office-smash IT and how it’s breaking multiple records and had a gigantic opening after the whimper of the summer movie season. Stan Lee gave a new interview where…
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September 14, 2017 0

DCEwww – AYCG Moviecast #359

BOX OFFICE BOMBA!! A lack of compelling new movies combined with one of the biggest boxing matches in history leads to the worst box office weekend in 15 years! What were the problems and how can the movie industry fight what has been a downward year overall? We also discuss the news of Warner Bros…
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August 30, 2017 0