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Magic is Gathering – AYCG Moviecast #449

There’s some suprising team-ups on this week’s Moviecast. DC and Robert Pattinson are officially teaming up to bring us a younger Batman, and in a possible trilogy! Netflix is recruiting new people to their team by creating a Jurassic World animated series and by teaming up with the Russos for a Magic: The Gathering series?…
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June 5, 2019 0

Battinson – AYCG Moviecast #447

It’s all about beginnings and endings on this week’s Moviecast. Game of Thrones is over, but what did we think of the finale? Meanwhile, will X-Men Dark Phoenix end the X-Men franchise with a whimper? Also a new actor is likely upon us as Batman, so listen to find out what we think of the…
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May 22, 2019 0

Balance of the Force – AYCG Moviecast #432

We have some forceful opinions on this week’s Moviecast. In the news, we talk about a record low box office, the Superbowl’s best trailers and commercials, Affleck not being “The Batman,” and the status of R-rated Fox franchises that fall under Disney’s control. Then we dive into our topic: what is the future of the…
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February 6, 2019 0

Underwhelming – AYCG Moviecast #415

We touch on it all on this week’s Moviecast. DC’s Titans releases another undwewhelming trailer, while Venom’s early screening reactions are not looking good, either. Netflix dabbles in choosing endings, while Zach Snyder confirms he wanted Batman dead. We also talk about what we’ve been watching including a good season of Iron Fist??? #ironfist2 #netflix…
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October 3, 2018 0

Clementine Will Remember That – AYCG Gamecast #414

In this episode we mention the sadness surrounding the closure of Telltale Games after the studio laid off all but 25 employees to finish off Minecraft. We discuss the good and the bad and some of the decisions that have lead to this point. Our topic tonight is based around the newly announced Playstation Classic…
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September 26, 2018 0

Batman Shows his Grayson – AYCG Moviecast #414

We ask how much is too much on this week’s Moviecast. Disney announces that it will scale back the number of Star Wars movies it releases. Meanwhile, the internet goes crazy because it saw too much of naked Batman. We also get confused by DC’s movie strategy and talk about our topic of the week:…
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September 26, 2018 0

Justice League Spoilercast – AYCG Bonus Round #38

It’s our spoilercast for DC’s Justice League. Find out what we all thought of the movie. Warning that this podcast contains spoilers. #spoiler #dceu #dc #wb #justiceleague #review #podcast

November 29, 2017 0

NYCC 2017 Part 1 – AYCG Moviecast #365

It’s all about NYCC on this week’s Moviecast. Star Wars The Last Jedi gets a new trailer, but does it spoil too much? Also, Batman: The Animated Series is finally getting a Blu Ray release. We also discuss who we met, who appeared, what we did, and what was tough at this year’s record-breaking New…
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October 11, 2017 0

Trainfire – AYCG Moviecast #362

It dominates a resurgent box office this week, as we look ahead to news from DC and Marvel. Marvel’s girl power is in full force as Jessica Jones wraps filming and Brie Larson is spotted on set for Avengers 4. Meanwhile, DC’s mixed messages continue as they promise to embrace the trend of post-credit scenes…
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September 20, 2017 0

Batman Definitive Edition – AYCG Moviecast #360

We look at the struggling Labor Day box office, and ask the tough questions regarding rumors for upcoming movies on this week’s Moviecast. Is Shia LeBeof is out of Indy 5? Can we see Leo as Joker? Does Joss Whedon deserve director credit for Justice League? Do we care about Robin getting casted in the…
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September 6, 2017 0