Spiderman: Arkham Asylum

I’ve finished Spider-man Shattered Dimension now on hard mode, and I thought I would give everyone a impression of what I thought of the game in contrast to what Mike thought of it.

After finishing this game I really came to one conclusion, Spider-man, while it was pretty good, I really wish they had just followed Arkham Asylum’s formula.  I understand it’s really difficult to do an open world Spider-man game and so they did the game this style to refresh the series.  However, I feel they should have taken a small part of the city and made that partially open world kind of how they did the Batman game.

It’s not that Shattered Dimensions is bad, like I said previously it’s pretty good, it’s just the game could have been so much better. I had fun as 2099 when you would chase the Hobgoblin through the city but it would have been just so much better if I could have had a small area to websling around in.  I really hope that they do make another one of these games but with a little more freedom of course. The game is good enough to warrant a sequel, and there are so many different villains in the Spidey universe that they could easily fill a ton more of these games.  I just really would like a little more freedom.

One of my biggest complaints probably with this game is the difficulty spikes randomly throughout the game.  I would be stuck on one area of a level for almost 2 hours and then beat the boss in like 5 minutes.  The level involving Scorpion is probably the biggest example of this issue.

It’s weakness also turned into a strength by the end of the game.  I felt so accomplished beating this game on hard mode that moments in the game really stuck with me.  I can remember all the anguish I went through, and all the triumphs getting past those insanely difficult parts.  Thats really what I feel that makes this game a little bit better than what Mike had said in his review.  I am not going to give this a score here since this isn’t a review, I just wanted some people to know that this game is actually worth a chance if you haven’t already picked it up.  Especially if you can find it for $30, like I did.