Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

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Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

August 1, 2011 Blog 0

A decade of excitement and entertainment comes to an end.  How does Harry Potter close out its run in the theaters?  Read on to find out….

I can remember back to 2001 and know that I wasn’t the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world.  I didn’t go and see the first or even the second movie in the theaters.  I waited for them to come to DVD.  It wasn’t until my friend Corey suggested that I actually read the books that I really started to take notice of this amazing series.  Since then, I have been to every midnight release of the movie and enjoyed the crowds that would gather before the theaters would allow you inside.  That event alone makes going to see Harry Potter magical in my opinion.  People would dress up like the characters and it would be just one large party before we saw the next movie in the series.  All that came to a close on Thursday night, but as a smart man once said “all good things must come to an end.”


When it was announced that the final movie would be split in two, I remember thinking that it was a cop-out from Warner.  They were clearly looking to milk the final film for all it was worth.  Yes, they made more money thanks to that strategy, but we also got to see an end to the Harry Potter movies that it rightly deserved.  A more complete telling of the final book rather than cutting half of it out to fit into a mere two and a half hours.


In part one we were left off with the death of a semi major character Doby, and Lord Voldemort getting his hands on the Elder Wand.  The second part starts us off with Harry and crew going into Grimgotts to try and find another Horcrux.  As much as part 1 was about the story and giving you a little more in character development, this part is about the characters taking action and the story coming to its ultimate conclusion.  You see this right away when they encounter a dragon in the vaults and have to attempt to somehow escape the chaos in the bank that is going on.  The movie proceeds into a sprint towards the inevitable encounter between Voldemort and Harry.  I’m not saying the movie is rushed, I’m only saying that things happen really fast.  If you haven’t read the books you might get somewhat lost in the finale.  The sprint that occurs doesn’t really do anything to fill people in on who certain characters such as Regulus Archus Black are, but in the end it really isn’t necessary as you get to see Hogwarts aflame and an epic scale battle taking place with the fate of the world on the line.


Hogwarts castle has been home for the fans as well as these kids that have grown up before our eyes.  There was something nostalgic that occurred for me when Harry and his friends arrived back at Hogwarts towards the end of this movie.  Perhaps it was the clever use of the music to bring us back to the world of wizardry, or seeing the uniforms of the students that enabled this memory.  In any case it makes you a little sad to know that the ride is coming to an end.


In conclusion, part 2 is an action movie, with massive battle sequences and a lot of death and destruction.  The director stops every now and again to let everyone catch their breath nicely and still keeps the pace going and not dragging it’s feet.  Hogwarts castle is where the stand gets made against the dark lord.  The landscape is well done and the battles are interesting enough for people who don’t know the stories as well as people who are trying to see their favorite book come to life.  It’s a fantastic finish to a fantastic story.  It’s going to feel weird next year to not have a Harry Potter movie coming out, but I said the same thing when the final book was released.  I am glad that both the movie and the book went out on a high note.  There is still time left, but this is more than likely my movie of the summer.


AYCG Score: 9/10