The 5 Worst Gaming Snobs of This Generation


This console generation was all about communication and connectedness. Online gameplay, voice chat, and countless game-focused websites gave gamers a chance to communicate. The problem was, many of them didn’t have anything good to say. We all know the vulgar trolls, racists, sexists, and general griefers are not cool, but the surprising new problem the gaming community seems to have is snobbery.

The following list highlights some of the most fun-killing know-it-alls that you tend to encounter as a social gamer. They’ll insult you for what you like, marginalize your accomplishments, and generally be a buzzkill. These people need to realize that we’re all gamers, and it doesn’t matter how you game, we’re all part of the same community.


5.The Pro Indie Anti-AAA Snobs

Remember when Blink 182 was really cool, but then they got really popular and the football players started to listen to them too and suddenly you and your “non-conformist” friends decided to move on to another band because Blink “sold out”? Yeah, that was stupid. They didn’t get worse, they just got successful. If you really liked punk, you’d have been happy about their success in the mainstream.

That same illogical reasoning is starting to become all too prevalent in gaming circles. The new cool thing to do is to promote Indie games endlessly while bashing the triple A titles that generate the most money for the industry. But guess what? A very small percentage of Indie games actually are all that good. The higher production values that triple A titles receive usually translate to more content and more polish. Highly reviewed and highly profitable games are popular for a reason. It isn’t some grand conspiracy where Rockstar pays off every gaming website on the internet to give GTAV a 10. No, it just makes sense that a game that costs  hundreds of millions of dollars and took a full development team six years to make will have a little more to it than some independent project that two guys worked on part time in their basements for two years.

Sure, some Indie games have their charm and interesting new ideas are introduced in them every now and then. They are occasionally  a great way to get some fun gaming for a bargain. Indie creativity is certainly a good thing, but that doesn’t mean that people who play COD, GTA, Assassin’s Creed, or sports games are any less gamer than you just because what they prefer costs money to make and is popular.

4.The “Metacritic is Gospel” Snobs

“How dare people enjoy things that are not well reviewed!” “You don’t like the Last of Us? Burn him at the stake!” “You had fun playing TMNT Out of the Shadows?! Look at the review scores for that game! Clearly your opinion is wrong and there’s something wrong with you.”

That sounds like the Metacritic snob. Game reviews are a decent tool to determine the quality of games, especially since the quality of a functional program is less subjective than the pure taste that distinguishes how different people feel about other entertainment mediums. Yet, they still are based on subjective opinions and even if they weren’t, people can still have fun with “bad” games.  Alternately, people can be bored by critical darlings. That doesn’t mean that these people’s opinions are wrong.  There is something wrong when people try to insult your taste and logic when you were able to find some fun in a game that others overlooked, or if you find sections of the Last of Us tedious and painfully linear. (Does it seem like I’m speaking from personal experience? Sorry.)

A game’s overall quality usually can be scored with some degree of  accuracy when averaging out all the available reviews on the internet, but you can’t ever take the subjectivity out of the review process and know what will be fun for every individual person. That is why it is dumb to insult people who don’t fit in to the Metecritic curve.

3.The Difficulty Snobs

“Dark Souls is the best game ever because I died in it 1000 times!” “Those games with a counter button are for noobs, you should have to quickly enter the Konami code in order to execute a simple attack!” “How DARE there be a tutorial in my game! I’m insulted!”

If you’ve heard something like this before, you’ve been listening to difficulty snobs. There are more gamers than ever, and that is largely because games are made to be more accessible to beginners. But this isn’t the end of hardcore gaming. Most good games have much more skill and depth to be found for those players who are willing to seek it out.  For example, on the surface, the Batman Arkham games seem relatively simple and easy. You hit with one button, and counter with another. This makes it accessible for more casual gamers. Yet, the depth comes when playing that same game on hard difficulty or by taking on the challenge modes where you really learn the intricacies of the fighting system to compete with similar hardcore gamers on online leader-boards.

Even if there is no harder mode or deep skill progression, some games are more about delivering exploration or story than finger-busting challenge. These snobs need to realize that more story and less twitch action is a valid design choice and embrace the fact that some games make it easier for less hardcore gamers to join in on their hobby of choice. After all, these elitists should be happy that they can show how much better they are than all the more casual players by consistently outperforming them in the same games. Unless, of course, they’re scared that they really aren’t all that better than a new gamer…

2.The Tournament Fighting Game Snob

These snobs could also be called the “Street Fighter is the only fighting game series that I respect” snobs. Games like Super Smash Bros, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, and Marvel vs. Capcom are constantly ridiculed by these snobs for not being tournament worthy/ not being enough like Street Fighter. Despite their complaints, they still play all these games, and are ready to trounce you online while complaining about how badly designed these games are that allow them to perform infinite combos on you.

These snobs are so elitist that they even made up their own terminology. Instead of calling buttons by their names, they insist on calling them by numbers, or even more confusingly, by letters that aren’t the real letters on the buttons. People generally know how to translate the buttons from port to port, why confuse things by adding more terms to translate? They’ll also say things like “frame-trap”, “vortex”, “reset”, and feel glee when nobody else knows what the hell they’re talking about.

My time in ranked Injustice matches has led me to get particularly sick of this type of snob. They’ll complain if they lose to someone who uses basic tactics or even the game’s interactable objects (“that’s not in SF, that’s shenanigans!”)  But these features that help level the playing field are part of why why I like Injustice. Some of the over-powered (OP if you’re in the know)  special moves and the heavily damaging interactable objects give us normal people who don’t  train for hours a day to learn huge combos a fighting chance against these crazies.

I must admit that I do agree with them in some cases, mostly that projectile spammers are lame. Aside from their sometimes justifiable crusade against cheap tactics, fighting game snobs are some of the worst  in gaming and need to realize that skill in executing complex combos should not necessarily be the only thing that should determine who wins a fight in every fighting game.

1.PC Gaming Snobs

It seems that it is impossible to visit a gaming website without coming across these worst snobs of gaming. Under every video you’ll find comments like: “This video sux, its clearly recorded from a crappy console!” “My PC is already 20 bajillion times more powerful than your pitiful ‘next gen.'” “PC is the superior race!” “GTA V is the worst game ever because it isn’t on PC!”

These snobs are probably the most outspoken group on the internet. They are so surly one can only assume that they are trying to justify their choice of being a PC gamer in the first place. It takes money, frequent updates,  tweaking, and a fair amount of tacit knowledge to actually have a gaming rig that consistently outperforms game consoles. Due to all of this work, PC snobs seem to overvalue graphical flourishes like anti-aliasing and particle effects and will bash console videos and screenshots that don’t have these minor details.

Consoles will be the focus of the game industry for the foreseeable future. The closed OS, money-making networks, and the fact that piracy is less rampant on them than on PCs mean that almost all games will be made in a console-first fashion. Console gamers make the valid choice to pay for a system once and forget about hardware for a generation. It is convenient and usually cheaper. PC gamers need to realize that few others want to undertake the rig-building that they do.

Not everyone wants to spend that much time and money for a sometimes marginal improvement in graphics while (legally) missing out on some great console exclusives. PC gamers value bleeding-edge technology and prefer a mouse and keyboard to controllers. They simply have different priorities than the more convenience-focused console gamers. That’s fine and well, but when they rail against the mainstream console market so much, you can’t help but wonder why they seem so bitter.



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  • captain obvious

    its a reset you piece of garbage not restart… god how stupid can one be

    thats what you wanted, do you?

    • Mike@aycg

      It was supposed to be reset actually, it was a typo. It’s been updated

  • KuchikiSentou

    I’m a snob of the dudebro gamer. And proudly so..

  • beLIEve

    I’m a PC gamer (a new one) an I hate PC snobs. I love to troll them for not respecting other people’s choices and not understanding that everyone have their own reasons, even if they are misinformed or only lookinig for convenience or even simpler: they dont have the money to buy a gaming PC, (not ever last of us lives in a first world country and has a stable economic situation), or are simply not tech-savy enough to be willing to deal with drivers,PC specs, etc. That’s why PC elitists are litteraly shitty persons.

  • fuerteva

    I take offense 2 to number 2. Sure they are out there but just because of terminology you are bashing on tournament players? That is messed up man.

  • Euanakkkk

    Even though I know that not all PC gamers will be like that I hate them so much. Stupid, arrogant pieces of shit spewing shit from their mouth like “OMG OMG LOOK AT HOW SHITTY DEM GRAFICS R PC MASTER RACE Y U PLAY ON SUCH A SHIT CONSOLE. Have I said that I HATE PC gamers, litte twats.

  • Renée Hendrix

    You forgot a big one: the Beta Snobs, perhaps the most insufferable of the lot!