DC Universe Online Beta Impressions (PC)

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DC Universe Online Beta Impressions (PC)

November 22, 2010 Blog 0

Well, I’ve been playing the beta of DCU now for about a week and I thought it would be nice if I spoke a little about the game here on the site.

I’m just going to start off by saying that I am really enjoying this game.  For the first time since WOW I feel like there is an MMO that has a good chance of being very successful.  This game is in beta and it’s so well done already, much unlike its counter-part Final Fantasy XIV.

Graphically this is just such a nice looking game.  Even with my 5 year old machine(a few upgrades since), it runs very well.  For anyone interested, I’m running with a Core 2 Duo 6320, a Radeon 5770, and 8GB of ram.  So I definitely don’t have the most powerful PC on the market, and it runs at 1680×1050 with no issues so far.  The cityscape of Gotham is so well done, right away when you go out into the city you are able to jump rooftop to rooftop and run up building walls.  Just take a look at some of the city shots I have from me playing.

The game controls smoothly as well with only minor issues so far with using the keyboard and trying to stay on top of all the action that goes on during combat.  To describe what it’s like, you use your special abilities by the number buttons, which is nothing new for me with WOW, but then you incorporate the mouse left and right click buttons both your left and right arms to swing during attacks.  There are upgrades to get while you level that enable button combos and such that help with more damage which is new for an MMO, and I definitely like that.

The game gives you missions by having your mentor calling you to read off what he wants you to do.  Call me a nerd but I think it’s awesome when Batman calls me and tells me I have a mission.  It changes depending on who you choose as your mentor, and I think that’s really cool.  I am level 10 now, and have moved between both Gotham and Metropolis to complete missions on my list.  The cities are huge, the enemies fit who they are supposed to be, and the voice acting is pretty good as well.  Early signs so far point to this being a winner and I will definitely talk about it more on the podcasts and on the site as I move through the DC Universe.