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AYCG Podcast Episode #95: E3 Extravaganza

This week is all about E3 and we go over everything that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo had to show at their press events. Gears of War, Halo, and something called Xbox Smart Glass, to The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. Nintendo showed the Wii U and a bunch of “U” versions of new and current games, plus we get some of the 3rd party titles coming to all three platforms. Oh, and we didn’t forget about the movie news. Movies came out and stuff got announced. Boom!


June 7, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #94: Double Standard

Hey everyone! This week we let you know what to watch this June, Star Trek and Thor may have different villains than originally thought, and Bale back for another Batman movie? Also we discuss the tragedy that is 38 Studios, Capcom trying to shorten sequel development time and Diablo 3’s real money auction house. Oh yeah, Mike is back from his west coast adventure!


May 30, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #93: Diablo III

What’s up everyone! We have a very special podcast for you this week. Buddha and Tony join us to talk about Diablo 3 and how Jim is a just a little behind. Plus more game delays, Marvel tries its hand in the MMO market and Game of Thrones season 2 thoughts.


May 23, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #92: Losses and Delays

Hey boys and girls! A brand new Avenger might be hitting the big screen sooner than later, CW picks up Arrow and Nikita, Fox renews Touch but cancels Alcatraz, and the fastest movie to $1 billion. Plus in the video game news, there is new Last of Us footage, Sony and 38 studios in trouble, and big title game delays.


May 17, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #91: The Avengers

Hey Guys and Gals! The Avengers took over the box office this past weekend and takes over our podcast now! We all saw it and let you know if it was everything we had hoped for or an absolute mess. Even though Avengers dominated the news by breaking all kinds of records, there were few other tidbits. Tom Cruise is Van Hellsing, Leonard Nimoy returns to Fringe and Star Trek, and Kick-Ass 2 could be sooner rather than later. Also, Valve not announcing anything new at E3, Beyond good and Evil 2 needs better tech, and how about a Xbox Kinect for $99. There’s a catch to that last one.

We do talk spoilers for the Avengers so please skip ahead to 23:20 if you wish to stay spoiler free.


May 9, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #90: Super Playstation Smash All-Stars Battle Bros. Royale

What’s up Geeks! The gang is back with a brand spanking new episode and this week we brought Tony along for the ride. Fringe got renewed for a final season, Top Gun 2, and KHHHAAAANNNN! Also, no Harley Quinn DLC, new Skyrim DLC announced, and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.


May 2, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #89: Summer in May

Jim’s back and with him is our May movie preview! Avengers starts it off but what will actually be the best movie? Also The Dark Knight has over 60 minutes of IMAX footage, No Statham but we do get a MMA fighter for Fast Six, and Amazing Spider-Man 2 is getting rewrites. The Dark Knight has some video gmae news this week also with the story DLC for Arkham City gettting a release date, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and shocker Call of Duty is getting another sequel.


April 25, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #88: PAX East 2012 Takes Over

Hey Everyone! The AYCG Podcast is back and PAX East is taking over. We have Corey and Tony on to talk about their experiences and some rumors that may change the way we play the next Xbox. Plus Mike tells us about some of the other news to come out the past couple weeks.


April 18, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #87: Vague it Up

What’s up everybody!?! We’re only days away from PAX East but that didn’t stop some big news/rumors from hitting the internet before hand. Looks like Dumb and Dumb 2 will start production this fall, Ashton Kutcher will be playing Steve Jobs in biopic, and Anchorman 2 is happening. PS4 aka Orbis details emerge, Sega cuts jobs and projects, and the Wii U might not be as powerful as we were lead to believe. Also Mike is finally here for the entire podcast and gives his vague impressions of the end of Mass Effect 3.


April 5, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #86: Mass Effect 3 Spoilercast!

The gang is all here! This week the AYCG crew is joined by Buddha, Casey, and Tony to talk everything Mass Effect 3!   Listener beware SPOILERS ahead.


March 29, 2012 0