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Bioshock Infinite trailer confounds, excites

This new trailer of the next chapter in Bioshock is causing quite a stirr in the gaming world.  Ken Levine and the creative team behind the original Bioshock is back on board for this game, slated to be released in 2012. Aside from the normal excitement accompanying this news, the trailer itself is spellbinding. Its hard to explain what about it exactly is so compelling, take a look for yourself.

January 13, 2011 0

Spiderman: Total Mayhem (iPhone)



I remember Spiderman 2 for the Xbox back in the day. I loved the feeling a swinging through the city streets and fighting crime, doing battle against some of Spiderman’s biggest foes. Then came the horror that was Spiderman 3, trying to follow the success of Spiderman 2 we were left with something that was just clearly rushed to cash in on the movie’s release. Which also was quite terrible in my opinion.

January 8, 2011 0

Decisions, Decisions

Well Halo Reach will be coming out shortly and today I went to look at my pre-order options. 

January 8, 2011 1

Digital vs Physical Media

Many in the industry are saying physical media is on the way out. Even claiming that the next generation of video game consoles may be without a disc drive entirely. Declaring digital downloads would be the norm in the future. But are they selling themselves short?

January 8, 2011 0

Biggest Games of 2011

With 2010 gone and done it’s time to looking into 2011 for what should be an amazing year in gaming.  PS3 seems like it will be the biggest winner this year with all those amazing exclusives I talked about in my The Year of the PS3 article.  But even with the multiplatform area there are some amazing games that we should get to play this year.

Barring any delays on these games here are my biggest anticipated games of 2011

January 7, 2011 0

Review: Game Dev Story (iPhone)

Imagine it is 1980 and video games haven’t hit the big time yet. Knowing what you know now, how would you leave your mark on the industry?

January 4, 2011 1

Mass Effect 2: Game of the Year

Well, by now our of the year edition podcast has been listened to by most.  I wanted to make a post for what was for all 3 of us, game of the year.

January 4, 2011 0

Mark Wahlberg is Nathan Drake

Well, it’s been confirmed that Mark Whalberg will be playing the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming movie Uncharted. 

December 19, 2010 0

Mike’s Likes: Everything or Nothing

Here’s the second entry into Mike’s Likes, the most narcissistic feature on the internet….


007 Everything or Nothing.

November 23, 2010 0

DC Universe Online Beta Impressions (PC)

Well, I’ve been playing the beta of DCU now for about a week and I thought it would be nice if I spoke a little about the game here on the site.

November 22, 2010 0