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AYCG Podcast# 217: Unity Broken

This week we give you all the Black Friday deals fit to print, Star Wars trailer coming soon, and Lego Batman. In gaming, Assassins Creed Unity bugs, Smash Bros. patch, and NPD for October..

November 24, 2014 0

Why There Are so Many Boxes and Crates in Games (and movies)

Boxes and crates aren’t too interesting unless you’re moving…or you’re playing Metal Gear. Read my post on about just how important these overlooked packing materials are in video games and movies… Boxes and Crates: A Moving Profile in Entertaniment

November 14, 2014 0

DC’s TV Cities

DC Comics has taken over television this fall. There’s no fewer than three DC shows on the air now, and that’s not even counting Constantine. We get depictions of Flash’s Central City, Arrow’s Star(ling) City, and Gotham’s Gotham. Would you want to move to any of these cities? I break down that question here on…
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October 13, 2014 0

Destiny Impressions

Destiny is what you get when you combine a good game developer and a company that loves to make money. (who doesn’t?)

October 3, 2014 0

How Fallout Teaches You How to Move Out

Aren’t you ready for a new Fallout game? I know I am. Still no word on that. In the meantime, check out the blog post I wrote for where I look at how Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas can teach you how to move out and move house in real life:  Here

September 12, 2014 0

Why How You Move in Skyrim is Important in Real Life

Our partnership with  continues here. What games prominently feature moving? Skyrim is one of them. How you move in Skyrim could tell you a lot about how you move in real life. Here’s why:

September 2, 2014 0

AYCG Spoilercast: Guardians of the Galaxy

The latest movie in the Marvel cinematic universe, Guardians of the Galaxy just broke box office records, is adored by critics but does it stand up to the AYCG crew? Find out here as we spoil everything we can think of and more! LISTEN after the break…

August 14, 2014 0

AYCG Podcast Interview: Loadout! and Edge of Reality CM Jason Heitman

Check out our special in-depth interview with Edge of Reality Community Manager Jason Heitman aka TryceUp on Twitter, Steam, and Loadout. His current project being Loadout, the popular FtP shooter is coming soon to PS4. We don’t just talk Loadout, though. We talk about a wide range of subjects including Jason’s history as a competitive…
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July 25, 2014 0

Gigli: The Lost Bet

Hey Everyone! For those who have listened to our podcasts, you may know that I lost a bet to Tony that forced me to watch the horrible movie that is known as Gigli.  If you would like to read further click the link.  Otherwise, just know that is was horrible!

July 17, 2014 0

Top Five Fictional Homes

It’s Summer and that means that it’s moving season. Check out my post for, a great place to get info if you’re really moving, on the top five fictional homes I’d like to move into

July 7, 2014 0