Best and Worst of the Year: Movies

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Best and Worst of the Year: Movies

January 22, 2013 Blog 0

2012 is over and we are well into 2013.  After giving a little more time for movies that we didn’t see in the theaters to come out.  The staff at AYCG has compiled their worst and best movies of the year.

Worst Movie of the Year:


Jim’s Pick:  Snow White and the Huntsman

What a piece of crap.  Our lead actress can’t act her way out of a paper bag, the amount of plot holes in the film are too numerous to count, and how can I buy that Charlize Theron would be jealous of Kristen Stewart?  What’s worse was that the Mets had their first no hitter in their entire history while I was trying to make it through this movie.  Bad news everyone, there’s a sequel on it’s way somehow…Yay….


Tony’s Pick: Dark Shadows

Not a movie I was interested in seeing to begin with, Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows has Johnny Depp playing the character Barnabas.  A rich, powerful white man transformed into a vampire after breaking the heart of a witch and then imprisoned for his crime of womanizing.  After being freed during the modern era he returns to his hometown and proceeds to be a murderous, remorseless womanizing douchebag that is completely unrelateable and unlikeable.  It’s a weird mix of dark comedy and campy horror that just doesn’t work.  The characters are unmemorable and cliche, with the older sister who is just too cool for everyone else and the little brother that you’re supposed to feel for but aren’t given too much reason to care for.  As a Redbox one dollar rental I didn’t even care about the dollar and change I wasted but the two hours of my life watching this movie that I’ll never get back.

Dishonorable mention:  Paranormal Activity 4



Mike’s Pick: Snow White and the Huntsman

That dumb pothead chick from Twilight and Thor run around through some cliche enchanted woods and accomplish nothing while Charlize Theron overacts to herself. What was this nonsense and why is it getting a sequel?


Corey’s Pick: Ghost Rider:  Spirit of Vengeance

I have seen some pretty bad movies over my lifetime and I always make it to the end just to give them the benefit of the doubt. I believe it is unfair to judge something that is not totally complete. However, during my experience with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance I felt it was unfair to me to give this film the benefit of anything. What was on screen was a complete waste of my time and from what I saw the actors felt the same way. It seemed as though nobody wanted to be there and didn’t put any effort into convincing you otherwise. Just having to look at Nicholas Cage’s receding hairline and him trying to be a badass I couldn’t tell what he was fighting off more, going bald or the villains of the film. Ok I have already spent more time on this then is acceptable. Avoid this movie.

Runner Up: Resident Evil: Retribution  


Jim’s Pick: Avengers

Joss Whedon isn’t my favorite director or story teller.  I think a lot of his stuff get’s a little too campy sometimes very much the same way Sam Raimi’s work does.  That’s not to say that I don’t like his work, I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it was on TV and Firefly is fantastic.  But he doesn’t spew gold out every time, just look at Dollhouse and I can say enough said.  So when I heard he was taking on this monmouth task of bringing all these big name actors and big name heroes into one movie, I gotta say I was skeptical he could pull it off.  I apologize now though as this movie was just fantastic and a must watch for anyone.  It spans all generations of viewers to where everyone can enjoy this film.  You may not like superhero stories, but I believe you will still like this movie.  Marvel gambled big time on this film and boy did it pay off.  Congrats to my movie of the year.

Runner Up: Skyfall




Tony’s Pick: Avengers

In terms of direction, acting or cinematography there are probably better movies but as an overall whole, Avengers provided the best theatrical experience for me this year.  I was grinning from ear to ear the entire duration of this movie.  A labor of love from the Marvel film division, it was a pleasant surprise coming from Joss Whedon that had the monumental task of producing a movie that’s been hinted at in most major Marvel movie ever since Iron Man.  You would think with all these big name actors and their characters sharing the silver screen would be an issue but overall it was well balanced and offered some of the best action sequences 2012 had to offer.  A perfect blend of action, comedy and spectacle, it also showed us what a successful movie incarnation of the Hulk can be.  We can see that the success of the movie speaks for itself, making well over a billion dollars and prompting DC to gear up their own version of Avengers with Justice League, supposedly out in 2015.  However, as time has proven beforehand, those who lead will have more success than those who follow.  2013 should prove to be eventful with Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 to lay down the groundwork for the already anticipated Avengers 2.

Honorable Mention:  Cabin in the Woods




Mike’s Pick:  Avengers

So much could have gone wrong, but it didn’t. It’s an action packed feel-good superhero movie that is well executed. Whedon did well and I’m really looking forward to his inevitably darker sequel.

Runner Up: The Dark Knight Rises




Corey’s Pick: Looper

Time travel is one of the hardest story mechanics to get right. There are so many loopholes (no pun intended) that can come back and bite you in the you-know-what that most of the time it comes off gimmicky. Looper on the other hand has one of the best thought out uses of time travel that I have ever seen. It isn’t over bearing but at the same time it is the main part of the plot that drives this film forward. They introduce so many little story lines that seem insignificant at the time but payoff big and in ways I didn’t see coming.  The acting is top notch and choice of Bruce Willis as an older Joseph Gordon-Levitt actually works much better that I would have thought. I was looking forward to this movie but I wasn’t expecting to be blown away the way I was. It’s execution of the story, and an ending that while inevitable is the perfect fit for this universe they created makes this film one not to miss!

Runner Up: Avengers