Month: September 2014

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AYCG Podcast Episode #209: Warping Destiny

We’re all back this week and discuss the latest on X-Men: Apocalypse, Star Trek 3, and Tak3n. In gaming, Blizzard cancels Titan, Smash Bros. incoming, and Final Fantasy XV. Plus iOS 8 and iPhone 6 issues. LISTEN after the break…

September 25, 2014 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #208: The Bourne Destiny

We discussed wether Destiny is or isn’t that good, Smash Bros. on 3ds and wii u, The Flash on TV and Arrow season 2 delay, Microsoft buys Mojang, and Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne. LISTEN after the break…

September 17, 2014 0

How Fallout Teaches You How to Move Out

Aren’t you ready for a new Fallout game? I know I am. Still no word on that. In the meantime, check out the blog post I wrote for where I look at how Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas can teach you how to move out and move house in real life:  Here

September 12, 2014 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #207: Destiny and the 80’s Cartoon Theme

This week is Destiny week and we go over everything we know so far. Marvel’s cinematic universe is changing in a big way and we speculate on how that may happen, meanwhile DC is trying to get theirs up an running. In gaming, Microsoft talks about buying Minecraft, Arkham Knight has a release date, and…
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September 10, 2014 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #206: Crickets

This week Ben Affleck fails to play a superhero or does he? Snipes wants to play Blade again and Underworld is getting rebooted. In gaming, Sony announces Persona 5, Disgaea 5, and Dragon Quest Warriors are coming to PS4, you’ll be able to theme your PS4 dashboard, and Nintendo has a New 3DS. Plus Jim…
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September 3, 2014 0

Why How You Move in Skyrim is Important in Real Life

Our partnership with  continues here. What games prominently feature moving? Skyrim is one of them. How you move in Skyrim could tell you a lot about how you move in real life. Here’s why:

September 2, 2014 0