Month: May 2013

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AYCG Podcast Episode #142: Microsoft Mistakes

Welcome back guys and girls! This week Arrow may be bringing in two very important DC characters and Hugh Jackman would like to see a crossover between Avengers and X-Men. In What We’ve Been Up To, I have seen the first few episodes Arrested Development, Mike watched The Hangover II, Jim played Legendary, and Tony…
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May 29, 2013 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #141: The One, 4, U

We’re back and only a day later! Xbox One took over our last podcast so we thought you guys might want to hear about all the other stuff going on in the geek world. Star Trek opened to lower expectations, Ghostbusters 3 is still a thing, and Supergirl may show up in Man of Steel.…
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May 23, 2013 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #140: Xbox One Revealed

Xbox One is here! No not the first Xbox but the New Xbox One. This episode is all about Microsoft’s newest all in one entertainment system. We discuss everything we know so far and everything we hope to see in the near future. Were we impressed? Find out here. iTunes Link Your browser does not support the…
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May 22, 2013 0

Xbox One unveiled to questions and concerns

After many months of absolute silence on their plans for the next generation of video games consoles, Microsoft finally revealed to the world the newest Xbox system, the Xbox One.  But now that it’s over I can’t help but wonder what exactly they kept the world waiting for.

May 21, 2013 2

AYCG Podcast Episode #139: Free to Pay

We get derailed right away but we do finally get on track and talk about 24 reboot, Black Panther movie rumor, S.H.I.E.L.D tv show, and X-Men Days of Future Past. In What We’ve Been Up To, Jim realizes handhelds have a place for gamers, I play a bunch iOS games, Tony is watching a new…
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May 15, 2013 0

When Retcons Make More Sense

With Michael Bay’s recent flip-flop on his “alien turtles” reboot and a slew of comic book movies slated for release this summer, one can’t help but notice that there is big business to be made on re-imagining the origins of established characters. Some people, self-described “purists”, believe that the original material is always the best.…
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May 8, 2013 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #138: Iron Man 3 Spoilercast

Iron Man 3 released over the weekend. Did it make as much money as we all thought? More importantly, is it as good as we all hoped? Find out what we thought in our spoiler discussion at the end of the podcast. Also, D&D is coming back to the big screen, Ghost Rider rights return to Marvel,…
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May 8, 2013 0

Iron Man 3 Review

This weekend, phase two of  Marvel’s cinematic onslaught on our senses officially started with the release of Iron Man 3. Is the third Iron Man invincible or has Tony Stark’s charm worn off?

May 6, 2013 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #137: Confirmed!

Some how WWE enters our conversions but we quickly move on to Marvel’s phase 2 with Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2, Michael Bay backtracking on TMNT, Transformers 4 has a villain, and The Rock is everywhere. In What We’ve Been Up To, Game of Thrones needs to alter from the book, Zombieland Pilot thoughts,…
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May 2, 2013 0