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SEGA restructuring, games cancelled and mass layoffs


After estimating an $86 million dollar operating loss for the year ending March 2012, Sega announced that due to the harsh economy and the rapid change within the gaming industry it will be forced to restructure the company from within. Sega of America’s President Masanoa Maeda released the following statement:

March 31, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #86: Mass Effect 3 Spoilercast!

The gang is all here! This week the AYCG crew is joined by Buddha, Casey, and Tony to talk everything Mass Effect 3!   Listener beware SPOILERS ahead.


March 29, 2012 0

Ninja Turtles (Updated)



March 26, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #85: How to lose your Championship

Hey Guys and Gals! No we didn’t forget about you this week, we just had some technical difficulties with my move and not having internet. But I digress, just because it is a little late doesn’t mean it isn’t great! We have TMNT being aliens, John Carter losing $200 million, and some sequels filming this summer. Plus we still have a lot to say about Mass Effect 3, Shenmue HD is coming, and no new xbox!?!


March 24, 2012 0

The Story Question: Can Video Games Really Tell Good Stories?

Video games can tell stotries. This much is undeniable. But how much they should, and how well they can do so, are still up for debate. Game Informer recently published a quote from Twisted Metal and God of War creator David Jaffe. This seemingly anti-video game story quote raises the question of how good the medium is at storytelling. At the same time, the outrage among fans about the ending of the modern gaming era’s most ambitious story, the Mass Effect series, makes the question unavoidable: what is the current state of storytelling in video games?

March 20, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #84: Bad Timing

What’s up boys and girls? We’re here bringing you the very best and most important news from around the world in movies and games! Like Anime? Like Mass Effect? Well how about a Mass Effect Anime. We’re getting one later this year, as well as a new live action TMNT but World War Z won’t hit until next year. It always comes back to Mass Effect talk but there was some other news like Alan Wake surpassing two million, Doublefine making 3.3 million and The Amazing Spider-Man may actually be good. Oh and a little thing from Apple also got announced.   Awesome!


March 14, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #83: Mass Affected

Hey guys and gals! Mass Effect 3 is here and we find it hard not to bring it up every chance we get. But is wasn’t the only news of the week. There were some TV shows the got cancelled, Bill Murry won’t be a part of Ghostbusters III, and the Muppets are getting a sequel. Plus Assassins Creed 3 is coming, Capcom is at it again with DLC on the disc, and Mass Effect 3 is out! did I mention that already? Don’t worry no spoilers, so come and joins us for another AYCG podcast full of everything you’ve come to exepct and more!


March 8, 2012 0

Mass Effect 3 T-1


I have to say, I have loved the build up for the release of ME3.  I’ve stayed away from anything story related and mostly anything about the game in terms of combat.  I’ve looked at the basics and I know the overall story since I’ve played the others.  Finally, this week my wait and blackout are over. (spoilers for ME1 and ME2 in this article)

March 5, 2012 0

AYCG Podcast Episode #82: The Longest Month

We’ve got an amazing episode this week with Ryan Reynolds and Mike Tyson in the movie news, Boondock Saints is becoming a video game, and the Office is dying. PS Vita sells over a million units, Jet Set Radio HD is coming, and Borderlands 2! Listen learn and enjoy! It’s All You Can Geek!


March 1, 2012 0