Month: September 2011

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Top 20 Comic Book Villains

by Jim, Mike, and Corey

Well, it took some time and some arguing but here is the definitive list of our top 20 comic book villains.  Shall we get started with #20?

September 22, 2011 0

Arkham City Giveaway? Mike’s Challenge

It is less than one month until Batman Arkham City is released on October 18 and I, as many of you are, am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Arkham Asylum was one of my all-time favorite games and with Arkham City coming soon, I have recently revisited the challenge rooms in the original. I have improved all my scores substantially as a result. I’ve become quite good at Arkham Asylum. How good? I’ll bet you a free copy of Arkham City I’m better than you…

September 19, 2011 0

Fall Preview: Batman’s Creed

This fall has a full crop of huge video-games slated for release. If you are a fan of stealthy 3rd person action games, then the only question is Arkham City or Revelations? Me? I choose both. These similar series are both top notch but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement in both of them. What can Ezio learn from Batman and visa-versa?

September 4, 2011 0