AYCG Podcast Episode #204: The P and T are Silent

Hey guys we’re back with another jammed packed episode of the AYCG podcast. We talk about The Rock’s DC decision, Simon Pegg and Edger Wright team up again, and Marvel isn’t doing origins anymore. In gaming, Hellblade isn’t Heavenly Sword, Tomb Raider timed exclusive, and more on Sony Play Share. Plus P.T. scared the crap out of us.

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AYCG Spoilercast: Guardians of the Galaxy

The latest movie in the Marvel cinematic universe, Guardians of the Galaxy just broke box office records, is adored by critics but does it stand up to the AYCG crew? Find out here as we spoil everything we can think of and more!

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AYCG Podcast Episode #203: Gamescom 2014

I’m back on the podcast and both Microsoft and Sony had their Gamescom Press Conferences. We discuss all that was announced and more! Including Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox, Quantum Break gameplay, Sony Share Play, 10 million PS4 sold, and Hellblade. Plus Sierra is back with Kings Quest and Geometry Wars 3. Also look back at the late Robin Williams career.

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AYCG Podcast Episode #202: Expansion or Sequel

This week Corey could’t make it but the rest of us talk a lot about the Marvel universe, Avengers, and is Guardians of the Galaxy sequel? Plus, 50 year old Bruce Wayne? In gaming, Xbox One white bundled with Sunset Overdrive and a Madden bundle on their way, EA Access is actually pretty decent, and Resident Evil 1 getting remade. Also, Tony gets a ps4, and Jack and Jill bet gets fulfilled.

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AYCG Podcast Episode #201: Destiny Beta and Comic Con Recap

We’re back from episode 200 and have a lot of news to catch up on. Legend of Korra is digital only now, Uncharted and Last of Us movies coming, and new first look at Batman and Superman in action. In gaming Obsidian wants to make new Fallout and KOTOR games, 2K teases new Bioshock, and EA has its very own subscription model. Plus we discuss the Destiny beta and whats to come in the final release.

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AYCG Podcast Interview: Loadout! and Edge of Reality CM Jason Heitman

Check out our special in-depth interview with Edge of Reality Community Manager Jason Heitman aka TryceUp on Twitter, Steam, and Loadout. His current project being Loadout, the popular FtP shooter is coming soon to PS4.
We don’t just talk Loadout, though. We talk about a wide range of subjects including Jason’s history as a competitive gamer, how the Navy set him straight, the ethics of free to play, and the challenges of appeasing a gaming community.
Don’t miss some great insights from someone inside the industry and don’t forget to check out Loadout yourself for a little “no holds barred” shooter action!

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AYCG Podcast Episode #200: Now in Video

YouTube Preview Image

The 200th episode of the AllYouCanGeek podcast is our first ever video podcast! Big thank you to all our listeners for sticking with us this far. When we first started we never thought we would still be going close to four years later.

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Gigli: The Lost Bet

Hey Everyone!

For those who have listened to our podcasts, you may know that I lost a bet to Tony that forced me to watch the horrible movie that is known as Gigli.  If you would like to read further click the link.  Otherwise, just know that is was horrible! Read more »


AYCG Podcast Episode #199: Dawn Among Us

This is the last episode before our big 200th! We talk Dawn of the Planets of the Apes, Spider-Man on hold, Avengers pics, and Thor is now a woman. In gaming, WWE makes the list, Last of Us locks its framerate, and xbox sales numbers. Plus we spoil The Wolf Among Us.
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AYCG Podcast Episode #198: 3D is Here to Stay

This week we learn Clerks 3 gets passed on, JK Rowling releases new Harry Potter story, and Star Wars does IMAX. Also, Mighty No 9 crowd funds again, Cliffy B making Bluestreak, Hearthstone expansion prices, and Gearbox reveals Battleborn.

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