AYCG Podcast Episode #200: Now in Video

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The 200th episode of the AllYouCanGeek podcast is our first ever video podcast! Big thank you to all our listeners for sticking with us this far. When we first started we never thought we would still be going close to four years later.

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Gigli: The Lost Bet

Hey Everyone!

For those who have listened to our podcasts, you may know that I lost a bet to Tony that forced me to watch the horrible movie that is known as Gigli.  If you would like to read further click the link.  Otherwise, just know that is was horrible! Read more »


AYCG Podcast Episode #199: Dawn Among Us

This is the last episode before our big 200th! We talk Dawn of the Planets of the Apes, Spider-Man on hold, Avengers pics, and Thor is now a woman. In gaming, WWE makes the list, Last of Us locks its framerate, and xbox sales numbers. Plus we spoil The Wolf Among Us.
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AYCG Podcast Episode #198: 3D is Here to Stay

This week we learn Clerks 3 gets passed on, JK Rowling releases new Harry Potter story, and Star Wars does IMAX. Also, Mighty No 9 crowd funds again, Cliffy B making Bluestreak, Hearthstone expansion prices, and Gearbox reveals Battleborn.

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Top Five Fictional Homes

It’s Summer and that means that it’s moving season. Check out my post for Movers.com, a great place to get info if you’re really moving, on the top five fictional homes I’d like to move into



AllYouCanGeek Review: Child of Light

Child of Light was a surprising announcement from Ubisoft at GDC Europe 2013 a new intellectual property that was not related to Assassin’s Creed, Farcry or Rayman.  Instead, it was a Japanese RPG inspired by the likes of Studio Ghibli and others for its art style and classic games like Final Fantasy felt like it was a game that was too good to be true.

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AYCG Podcast Episode #197: When in Doubt Throw it Out

This week Transformers hits theaters and has the biggest opening of the summer, Walter White may appear again, and Hulk may play even more important role in upcoming Avengers. In gaming, Iwata is still in charge, Cliffy B is back in gaming, and Naxx is coming soon.

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AYCG Podcast Episode #196: Nintendo Cures

Transformers is coming and going to make a billion dollars, Dead Rising film going straight to Crackle, and Star Wars news. Crytek and Capcom in financial trouble, Playstation Now rental charges, and new Zelda may have a multiplayer aspect to it. Plus we talk some anime and pay up on bets lost.

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AYCG Podcast Episode #195: Destiny Alpha and NPD’s

It’s time for another action packed episode of the AYCG podcast! This week DC movies hits, Resident Evil 6 is the last, and Star Wars episode VII latest. In gaming we discuss the NPD’s and go on a couple rants. Plus Mike and I played the Destiny Alpha.

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AYCG Podcast Episode #194: E3 Press Conference’s Recap

E3 is in full swing and we go over everything! Find out what we thought about Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s press briefings. Plus what made us most excited about the future and what didn’t.

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